1. Brief Overview of Course

The course introduces students to present-day health issues that are of concerns in the Nigerian society. The topics to be covered include: Diet, nutritional deficiency diseases, malaria, hypertension, organ failure, air-borne diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and its prevention, sickle cell disease. HIV/AIDS: Introduction, epidemiology of HIV, natural history of HIV infection, transmission and predisposing factors to HIV, Impact of HIV/AIDS on the society, management of HIV infection, prevention of HIV. Drugs and Society: sources of drugs, classification of drugs, dosage forms and routes of drug administration, adverse drug reactions, drug abuse and misuse, rational drug use and irrational drug use. Human kinetics and health education: personal care and appearance, exercise and health, personality and relationship, health emotions, stress, mood modifiers, refusal to tobacco, alcohol and other psychoactive drugs.