The aims are to help you understand the theory and practice of African politics; the problems associated with governance in Africa and the way forward.

The broad aims will be achieved by:

• Introducing you to African politics, its origins, nature and character.

• Demonstrating how Africa’s encounter with the Europeans had created a legacy, this substantially influenced, and indeed determined the practice of politics in the continent to date.

• Equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the internal forces that are subtly manipulating African politics, and the tools that will assist in achieving true liberation.


a)       Course Objectives

·         On successful completion of the course, you should be able to:

·          Define and conceptualize the nature of African politics

·         Understand the colonial influence on the nature and character of African politics.

·         Appreciate the modalities of nationalist agitations and the manner of colonial disengagement

·         Explain the predominance of foreign influence in African politics.

·         Know the interplay of economic interests/forces and political events in Africa.

·         Offer explanations for political instability in Africa

·         Explain why a military regime cannot be a viable alternative to a democratic government and the self- serving arguments behind the advocacy of one party system in Africa.

·         Understand why African states are marginal players/ actors in world Affairs.